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Dutch Founders Fund
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At Blanco, we develop technology for wealth and asset managers that automates the entire asset management process for them. And as a part of that, we're also working on innovative KYC technology that makes complex onboarding processes much easier, to be used by finacnial institutions in the broadset sense. And we're offering our clients far-reaching individual services in the field of legislation and regulations. As a fintech company, it might surprise you that we don't believe in tech only. We firmly believe in the symbiosis of man and machine: the best service is provided by combining the efficiency and cost savings that automation offers with the trust and empathy that the human factor brings. Blanco wants to ensure that regulated companies in general and asset managers in particular can once again fully focus on what ultimately matters: their customers. Blanco won the NRC Live Fintech Impact Award in 2018 and is nominated for the Sprout Challenger50 Award 2019. KBC Venture Fund and Dutch Founders Fund, among others, are participating in the 'startup turning-scaleup’.
We invest in early-stage marketplaces and digital platforms across Europe.
The fundamental challenge for all companies dealing with the flexible labor market is planning and communication around flex workers. Since its founding in 2017, Fleks has been engaged in optimizing planning in the most efficient and productive way. How? Through constant further development of the product. Training & implementation on location, listening carefully to our users and adding unique functionalities. Discover the world of smooth planning with Fleks. Here complicated processes and frustration give way to simple planning and fun! Join the Fleks community and make full use of the Fleks platform - the web environment for internal staff and the mobile app for flex workers.
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Minimum allows companies to easily embed carbon offsetting directly into their customer offering. Their easy-to-use API and no-code tool allows any company to offer their customers carbon neutral products and services, and make Sustainability a seamless part of their business. Think: Uber offering carbon neutral trips; H&M allowing you to choose items based on their sustainability credentials; Coinbase offering carbon neutral crypto transactions etc.
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Shypple is a digital forwarder for moving freight globally that manages and analyzes supply chains in real-time. Shypple exists of a team of highly motivated “disruptors”, with a background in logistics, international trade, and forwarding. Joint experiences led to a mutual realization: booking, managing, and tracking freight shipments should become faster, easier, and more transparent!
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SPEKTRAX was founded in the spring of 2020 with one goal: to help the world deal with virus crises such as the COVID-19 with an innovative, ultra rapid, reliable testing method.
Veylinx is the most realistic behavioral insights platform to answer with confidence major business questions surrounding new products and services during all stages of the development cycle. Veylinx obtains behavioral consumer insights using a Nobel prize-winning approach in which consumers have real skin-in-the-game to reliably measure demand. This is a major shift from current market research practices that still rely on what consumers hypothetically claim they will buy.
At Vintage Cash Cow we buy antique and vintage items in bulk. People have cupboards, attics, lofts, and garages full of wonderful old vintage items that sit in homes for years. So, we created the easy way for people to sell their old stuff. We accept jewellery, precious metals, silver and silver plate, watches, medals, militaria, toys, cameras, old currency, and more. Customers simply scoop their vintage items into a box and send them to us for free. We take items in any condition, from tat to terrific. Our experts carefully appraise the box and make the customer an up-front cash offer. If they are happy we pay the same day or if they choose we will return their box for free. is the first voice agency that works as a web shop where you can book a voice-over for your recording in just a few easy steps. The way we work at is unique. All our voices have their own recording facilities and are guaranteed native speaking. They work for fixed fees and above all: they deliver with the speed of sound.
Wonderkind has created an innovative job advertising technology that reaches both active and passive job seekers on media channels they use daily, like social media, websites and apps. This helps corporates and staffing agencies to create and execute the perfect recruitment marketing campaign and attract high quality and happy talent.